Community Action Plan


Llanelly Community Council community plan consultation events will be spearheaded by the winning posters from pupils of Gilwern Junior School. 
Alexa May, from Year 4 designed the poster for Gilwern Workshop on the 12th and 13th January.
Caitlin Langley, from year 5 designed the poster for Clydach Workshop on the 19th and 20th January.
Ruby Woods, from year 6 designed the poster for Llanelly Hill on the 26th and 27 January 2018.

With all the changes to come, Llanelly Community Council are inviting residents of Gilwern, Clydach and Llanelly Hill, to a series of workshops where residents will be invited to voice their opinions and to start the process of understanding what’s important for them for the future of the villages in which we all live in.

The workshops are part of the Community Led Planning process which will be led by local residents and some councillors. Llanelly Community Council want to help realise the potential of all the communities in Llanelly Community Council ward.

These workshops are an important part of the step-by-step process involving Housing, Transport, Education, and the Environment. This will enable to volunteers to collect many ideas, views, contributions, and concerns as possible to inform the planning process.

Local Community and Towns Charter 

The above is a charter between Monmouthshire County Council and Community and Town Councils to formalise a 'shared community' within Monmouthshire. This will see the various Councils working together for the benefit of local communities.