Freedom of Information



Current Contracts


Merlin Waste - Dog Waste Collection - Ongoing


Martin Roper - Grass cutting - Contract expired (end of 2010 season)


Carroll + Pritchard - Notice-boards - ongoing


Monmouthshire County Council - Grass cutting Ongoing


24/7 Plumbing Services Replacement contract August 2011


PMB Signs. Sign writing services until April 2013


Griffiths Signs and Equipment Co.


Newhall janitorial Ltd. General Suppliers ongoing


SET Office supplies Ltd. ongoing


Viking Office supplies. ongoing


Festive lighting 2014 to date


British Gas servicing


RCS Contracts 2014/15


Terry Morgan Lock Smith


Clive James Councils Auditor 2011/12


Clive James Councils Auditor 2011/12


Stuart Bees Councils Auditor 2013/14


Lyn Llewellyn Councils Auditor 2014/15


Lyn Llewellyn Councils Auditor 2015/16


Lyn Llewellyn Councils Auditor 2016/17