Local Development Plan

Public Meeting 14th October 2009 - Report


Cllr. Adrian Edwards - Chairman

Cllr. June Gwillym

Cllr. Brian Mayers

Cllr. John Jones

Cllr. Barrie O’Keefe

Cllr. Val Jones

Cllr. David McCloy

Cllr. Trevor Williams

In Attendance

Andy Shipp, Clerk to the Council

  Nigel Burgess, MCC Highways
  Tracy Nettleton, BBNP

Two C Cllrs from MCC

Approximately 125 residents attended the public meeting to provide feedback on the Settlement proposals under Brecon Beacons National Park Authority’s Local Development Plan. The possible development sites with maps and explanations were available for viewing. Questionnaires were provided and people encouraged to let their views be known to BBNP. 48 questionnaires were returned and a collation of the comments was sent to BBNP. The following is a synopsis of views expressed.

  5 sites identified but no questionnaires returned
  Llanelly Hill
  3 sites identified and one questionnaire returned
  Exclude all sites and extend settlement development boundary
  Clydach (North and South)
  7 sites identified and three questionnaires returned
  Exclude all sites
  Approve boundary review and would like to see land between Penrheolas and Rock + Fountain included
  1 site identified and thirteen questionnaires returned
  12 against the proposed site and only 1 in favour
  3 sites identified and 31 questionnaires returned
  28 mostly against with 3 yes but with reservations